Serbian pirates on Medium Wave

 I have received several pirates from Serbia. They seem to be on the air mainly around 1700 kHz. Some of them use quite high
 power but 70% of the stations are working with power lower than 100watt (transmitter based in tube PL 504).

 I have also many photos of a few Serbian pirates sent me by e-mail via Radio Texas in Serbia and also from Radio Elektron
 from Kucevo.(Thank you very much!!!)
 There are about 30 Medium Wave-pirates in Serbia. They are mostly QSO-stations with no music programmes.
 These stations are mainly located in Belgrad, Pancevo, Pozarevac, Velika Plana, Smederevo, Jagodina, Kragujevac, Krusevac
 and Kucevo. There have been big commercial pirates on FM but during 2006-2007 most of these stations are now closed.
 Here is also a list of Serbian pirates received in Finland by me:
 Station  Location  kHz  Date Time O= mp3  Remarks
 Radio YU 1 (1=jedan)  - 1727  6.2.-05 19.23-   mp3  10 kW !
 Radio YU 1  - 1667  26.2.-05 22.04-   mp3  
 Pink Panter  Smederevo 1670  5.2.-05 21.05-   mp3  PP in QSO with Galaxias from
 Thessaloniki, Greece
Photos 1, 2 (4x GU 81) 3 kW
 Real Radio  Belgrade 1665  4.2.-07 19.14-   mp3  100-150 W
 Radio Daleky  Majdanpek (140 km SE
 from Belgrade)
 1723  29.3.-07 00.10-   mp3  Photo  1 kW
 Radio Elektron  Kucevo (100 km SE
 from Belgrade)
 1709  6.4.-07 20.40-   mp3  Photo 1, 2, 3 QSL  300 W
 Radio Doxa  Kucevo (100 km SE
 from Belgrade)
 1709  7.4.-07 20.33-   mp3  Photo 1, 2, 3 QSL  1 kW
 Radio Vihor  Pancevo 1709
   mp3  Photo 1, 2, 3
 Regards to me 3.11-07!!: mp3
 Radio Texas  Vrsac (80km NE from B.) 1701  3.11.-07 20.48-   mp3  Photo 1, 2  50 W!!
 More photos 1, 2, 3.
 Radio Lovac  Pancevo 1697  3.11.-07 20.28-   -  Transmitter photo
 Radio Javor  - - ? - -, Serbia 1655  18.10.-07 19.50-   mp3  mp3-b    Mp3 from 6.3.2008
 Radio Balkan  Beograd, Serbia 1700  19.1.-08 20.56-   mp3  mp3-b
 Photo1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
 Radio Vaski (?)  - - ? - -, Serbia 1700  19.1.-08 20.32-   mp3  
 Radio Viktor  - - ? - -, Serbia 1702  19.1.-08 20.40-   mp3  
 Radio Oskar  Jagodina, Serbia 1700  19.1.-08 20.57-   mp3  mp3_b  (His tx 2x 813 tubes)
 Radio Novi Studio  Smederevo 1652  11.1.-08 19.44-   -  Photo 1, 2
 Here some more photos of Serbian pirates (Not heard by me)

Vogelfreies Radio
from Germany wrote me (December 2006) comments of former Yogoslavian broadcasting:

 "As far as balkan pirates are concerned I know of a film documentary called  "We want our voices to be heard" from the year  1970 about illegal radios in Yougoslavia. It was produced by Zagreb Film, the author is Krsto Papic.

 Obviously there were plenty of pirates in the Tito age, quite similar to the situation as it is still in Holland. I hadn't seen that film
 myself but I have a description out of a documentary movie directory I can quote from.
 The 15 minute film shows several pirates from the rural mountain areas of Croatia and in the Drau river valley where the radio
 stations were operating with very simple equipment but got very popular among their local audiences.
 Authorities were hunting the pirates and there were severe punishments but as soon as a station was gone a new one
 appeared. 5 stations were shown in the documentary, Radio Cerje, Radio Stanica, Radio Ladanje, Radio Stef and Radio
. Programmes not only contained music but also some political views and even a language lesson for workers who
 intended to emigrate to western Europe."

 Pirate broadcasting seems to have very long history in former Yogoslavia, even from the 1970's. There are still many FM-pirates
 broadcasting also on FM-band ! It is obvious that pirates on Medium Wave can broadcast quite freely, without risk to be raided,
 if FM is also not controlled to tight.

 However, the authorities seems to have closed unlicenced FM-stations in December 2006:

 December 28th, 2006, 14:48 UTC by Andy
 Seven radio stations and one television station in Serbia have been shut
 down for broadcasting without a licence. The Republic Broadcasting Agency
 (RRA) has shut down stations for broadcasting illegally on the territory of Belgrade.
 Some station officials showed resistance to the officials who came to close
 down the stations and broke some equipment of the RRA. The Agency said that
 those who cause problems will have charges pressed against them.
 (Source: Beta News Agency via B92)  
         Thanks for info to Vogelfries Radio, Germany

 (c)  Harri Kujala, Naantali, Finland, 2006